Rudy Horn

February 14th 1933-

"I never did 7 rings for less than 5 times through, or 35 throws, because otherwise it's not really juggling."

One Christmas Eve 1940, during World War II, in Nuernberg, Germany, Rudy Horn's father placed three apples from a kitchen bowl into his seven year old son's hands and encouraged him to try juggling them. Horn gave his first performance two years later in the Wintergarten. During the five years following the war, he entertained the U.S. troops in Germany. Payment was mostly cigarettes and chocolate which he traded for food, since the Reichmark was worthless.

He could build a stack of tea cups and saucers on his head by kicking them up from his foot. Another trademark trick was force bouncing seven balls off a drum. In 1949, Horn began a three year stay with Circus Krone. He managed to find a unicycle owned by the high-wire act, and within a week he could ride it. By combining his unicycle with the tea cups, he became very well known, very quickly.


"Juggling, the Art and its Artists"
by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Andrew Allen, Berlin 1985. ISBN 3-9801140-1-5.
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